Thursday, November 20, 2008

New BMW 3 Series - Facelift Revealed

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After see The BMW launching his new 3 series at Malaysia from local newspaper today, it reminded me updated this blog which is long time not being updated.

Reading the article from the news, the new BMW 3 series comes with new design plus elegant facelift. The combination of exclusive and sporty made this 3 series become more popular than his other siblings ( 5 series, 7 series and others).

I also admitted that I really admired this car. Eventhough M3 and M5 are more powerful horsepower, I like the 3 series design which containing exclusiveness and sporty for young driver like me. Don't you miss too. The 'experience' guy also prefer using this car. It make them feel younger and the most important, the girls would snaring at you too..Hehe


saad said...

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saad said...

How about a suggestion here?
Please make your next post about latest BMW 7 series.
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